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Log Home Fasteners

Purchase all your log cabin construction supplies, including log home fasteners, from Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc.

Providing expert maintenance and application information since 1986, we are standing by to help you find the best products and materials for your specific project, regardless where you are in the building process.

Browse through our selection of log home fasteners. We offer joist hangers (round joist and square joist), log home log screws and Ardox and Maze Skinny spikes. Complete your outdoor projects with our GuardDog exterior wood screws and enjoy the highest level of positive bit engagement and drivability with HeadLok panel fasteners.

Connect your deck to your house with ease using LedgerLok ledger board fasteners, or check out the ThruLok screw-bolt fastening system that combines speed and strength to get the job done. Join multi-ply LVL, LSL and PSL with the TrussLok engineered wood fastener and join two-, three- and four-ply girder trusses with our TrussLok-Z multi-ply girder truss fastener.

We offer all of these products and more, including log splines and deck brackets. Contact us today with any questions; we’re excited to help you build your log home!

Joist Hangers
Joist Hangers
Log Screws
Log Home Log Screws
Log Spikes
GuardDog Exterior Wood Screws
Headlok Panel Fasteners
HeadLok Panel Fasteners
LedgerLok Deck Ledger Board Screw
LedgerLok Ledger Board Fasteners
ThruLok Screw Bolt Fastening System
TrussLok Wood Screws
TrussLok Engineered Wood Fastener
TrussLok-Z Wood Girder Fastener
TrussLok-Z Multi-Ply Girder Truss Fastener
Maine Deck Bracket
Maine Deck Bracket
Post Pal
Post Pal
The Shim Mate
The Shim Mate