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New Log Home Products

Whether you are in the process of building a new log home or are restoring an older log structure, choose Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc. for high-quality log cabin building tools, supplies and products to meet all of your construction needs.

Originally founded in Minnesota, we now offer branch locations providing same-day service for customers in both Indiana and Minnesota. We also offer a variety of great products and tools to help you build your log cabin. Our expansive selection of log building tools includes battery-powered e-Drive caulk guns, log scribers, tenon cutters and framing chisels. Our washes and stains include Cedar Wash and Deck Defense wood stain. We also keep Sansin ENS – an environmentally friendly, highly durable, glossy two-coat wood finish – and Sansin SDF in stock.

Complete your small repairs with our epoxy kit, while our sauna liner kits and log gap caps will help you put the finishing touches on your home. In addition, we also carry gas lamps, gloves and maintenance guides for your convenience.

Contact us today for more information or answers to any questions you may have about our products.

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Albion 1000 Series
Albion 1000 Series
Albion Bending Nozzles
Black Lightning Nitrile Gloves
Black Lightning Nitrile Gloves
Carpenter Bee Traps: Beez Gone
Carpenter Bee Trap: Beez Gone
Perma-Chink Cedar Wash
Cedar Wash
Chambers Log Scriber Kit
Chambers Log Scriber
Commercial Series Tenon Cutters
Commercial Series Tenon Cutters
Deck Defense
Deck Defense Wood Stain
Book - Establishing and Growing Your Buisness Log Home Services Edition
Establishing and Growing Your Business Log Home Services Edition
E-Wood and M-Balm Epoxy Kit
E-Wood & M-Balm Epoxy Kit 10 oz.
Log Gap Caps
Log Gap Caps
Sansin ENS Finish
Sansin ENS
Sansin SDF Finish
Sansin SDF
Sauna Liner Kit 5X6X7
Sauna Liner Kit 5x6x7
Sauna Liner Kit 5X7X7
Sauna Liner Kit 5x7x7
Sauna Liner Kit 5X7X7
Sauna Liner Kit 6x7x7
The Log Home Maintenance Guide by Gary Schroeder
The Log Home Maintenance Guide
Timber Tools Framing Chisels
Timber Tools Framing Chisels
Westmoreland Outdoor Gas Lamp
Westmoreland Gas Lamp
Westmoreland Outdoor Gas Lamp Mantles
Westmoreland Lamp Mantles
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