Tenon Cutters

Tenon Cutters for Log Furniture

Tenon Cutters Make Beautiful Log Furniture! Tenon Cutters are the log furniture tools that cut tenons on the end of your log rails and spindles. We carry LumberJack Tools Home, Commercial, Industrial, and Pro Series Tenon Cutters. Also, Northwest Tenon Cutters, and the EZ Tenon Cutter tools Use Tenon Cutter Countersinks to cut the funnel shaped impression into the log post after drilling with a Self-Feed Bit, to accept the taper of the log rail. This provides a tighter fit on log furniture and gives a stronger shoulder fit on log rails.

Log Furniture - Log Accents log furniture series Log Furniture - Log Accents Series 
As seen on The Outdoor Channel - "A Piece of the Woods" host Mike Heintzeman takes you through this 12 episode series with approximately 6 hours of instruction. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes. Now Available for Free!
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