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The Lancelot is an attachment for disc/angle grinders. Turn your disc or angle grinder into a mini chain saw! Multi-purpose disc-type cutter can be used as a wood carver, notcher or cutter. Fits most 4" or 4¼" disc/angle grinders. Lancelot arbor size must match grinder arbor size. Chains easily sharpened using a 5/32" chain saw file. Replacement chains available. Grinder not included.

Two chain sizes: 
14 teeth - wide cuts, rapid wood removal. 
22 teeth - quick, clean cuts with a finer finish. 

For faster sawing and grinding, use the Universal Nut and stack two of the 5/8" size discs together to double the cutting width. Click here for instructions.



Lancelot Replacement Chain
Lancelot Replacement Chain
Lancelot Universal Nut
Universal Nut
Galahad Extreme Coarse Sanding Disc
Holey Galahad Coarse Sanding Disc
Industrial Series Tenon Cutters
Industrial-Series Tenon Cutters