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Stavebolt Timber Connector

Stavebolt Timber Connector

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Stavebolt Timber Connector

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Stavebolt Post and BeamThe 2 Pin Stavebolt is designed as a hidden tension connector for heavy timber. The connector is approximately 5-10 times stronger in tension applications than pinned mortise and tenon solutions. The Stavebolt Timber Connector has been utilized successfully for a number of years by Building With Logs, Limited in the construction of various custom log and timber structures, including models of the Stavehouse Post and Beam System, as well as in heavy timber truss framing. The installation does not require the same degree of craftsmanship commonly associated with traditional timber framing. The installation is performed by using augers and jigs to guide the drills. A detailed installation manual is included. 2 Pin Stavebolts Mounting Hardware (bolts) not included. Bolt Lengths will vary with size of logs or timbers.

The Stavebolt may be found to be most useful in applications where the performance value of the connection is critical, where project economics or engineering will not permit the use of traditional mortise and tenon and where designers opt for a more attractive alternative to the installation of exposed steel plates. The reported ductility of the Stavebolt suggests that it will, where installed in appropriately designed frames, be well suited for use in structures built to resist hurricane force winds or seismic events. Manufacturing specifications have been developed to insure product quality throughout the fabrication process. For More Technical Information, see the Stavebolt CCMC Report.

The 2 Pin Stavebolt is designed for use in minimum 8" x 8" timbers or 9" diameter logs. It measures 1-29/32" x 11" and requires the drilling of a 2" x 12" hole for its housing. The 5/8" stitch bolts, which lock it in place, require the drilling of (2) or (3) 11/16" holes, depending on performance requirements. The design loading will affect the number of stitch bolts required and the size of the washer at the head of the 3/4" tension bolt or threaded rod. Sold Individually.

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Stavebolt Timber Connector
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