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Chambers Log Scriber Kit

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Chambers Log Scriber Kit

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Chambers Log Scriber

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Chambers Log Scriber KitThe Chambers Scriber is designed especially for scribing logs! Can also be used for horizontal scribing (stairs, roof systems, drywall, etc). Can be used for "laser scribing" — Chambers scribers have a precision-milled hole ready for standard bore-sight lasers! Scribe Distances — 0 to 10.5+ inches. Built-in lanyard hole for carrying on your tool belt. A new arc pen holder that allows an infinite number of pen angles against the top log is now available. You can adjust the arc on the fly, as you scribe, using the brass thumbscrew (photos below). It puts the pen at any angle you want. Yes, the new arc pen holder rotates, just like the existing straight pen holder but the new arc pen holder also slides through an arc.  And this does not change the scribe distance or the plumb reading. This is a another world's first. See details below for V.2 and V.2 Arc Kits. Made in the USA. User Manual
  • Plumb — no scribe-setting board is ever needed!
  • Grip — ergonomic grip, very comfortable and non-slip, good in all weather and all seasons. The easiest to hold, and most comfortable scriber ever made. Also, the grip is warm to hold in winter, and the grip maintains its comfortable textured grip even when wet.
  • Side-Handle — included side handle makes grip rock solid. You will be amazed at the control you get.
  • Pens — uses the Fisher Space Pen. Available in Black & Blue ink with medium point. Marks at all angles, upside down, and in the rain!
  • Pen Angle — the pen holders can be rotated by you at any time, to any angle, to get the best contact with both logs. The scribe setting will not change, and it stays plumb!
  • Ergonomic — The most comfortable and easy-to-keep steady scriber ever; easy to grip; easy to keep plumb.
  • Sturdy —  manufactured sturdy, durable, robust, using all non-rusting premium stainless steel and high-test aluminum.
  • Professional Quality — designed and manufactured to provide you with a lifetime of use.
  • Bubbles — The best in the industry. All models have both double-bubble and bullseye bubble. The bubble vials are custom made for Robert Chambers. Worth it? Yes! The difference is like night and day.

Product Description Price Order
Kit V.2

Kit includes: V.2 Chambers Scriber, side handle, tool kit (3 allen wrenches), 2 Fisher Space Pens, spare Teflon® and Nylatron® washers, all in a ripple foam hard case.
Price: $475.00 
Kit V.2 ARC

Kit includes: V.2 Chambers Scriber, side handle, tool kit (3 allen wrenches), 2 Fisher Space Pens, and spare Teflon® and Nylatron® washers, in a ripple foam hard case. Arc arm included in the upper slider, and a standard straight arm in the lower slider. (It is the upper arm that benefits most from the arc feature.)
Price: $525.00 
ARC Arms Only
Arc and Arm only (no Pen)  for customers who want to upgrade their V.2 scriber.
Price: $120.80 
Long Reach Slide for V.2
New for V.2 Scribers!

Increase the scribe distance of your V.2 scriber with our NEW "Long Reach" slide. The maximum scribe setting with the "Long Reach" is a massive 14¼" (362 mm) -- almost 4" more reach than our standard female slide. This "Long Reach" slide fits ALL V.2 scribers (but does not fit any V.1 scriber). Your scriber is clearly marked either "V.1" or "V.2."Plus, your Straight sliding arms and your Arc sliding arms fit the "Long Reach" -- so you DO NOT need to buy any arms.

Adding the "Long Reach" slide to your V.2 scriber is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. remove the standard female slide;
  2. push your new "Long Reach" slide onto the grip; and
  3. screw in the capscrew. That's it!
Price: $95.00 
V.2 Pen Tubes

The V.2 Pen Tubes save money by using a less-expensive pen refill. The V.2 Pen Tubes fit all V.2 Scribers and V.2 Arc Scribers. Made of stainless steel. Each Pen Tube comes with a Tube Cap. The Tube Cap is a tire valve stem cap that can easily be replaced if lost. Sold in pairs. Ink refill not include (sold below).
Price: $20.50 
V.2 Pen Tubes Black Refill

Bold Black pressurized refill for the Chambers V.2 Pen Tubes. Sold individually. T064-PR4B
Price: $6.00 
V.2 Pen Tubes Blue Refill

Bold Blue pressurized refill for the Chambers V.2 Pen Tubes. Sold individually. T064-PR1B
Price: $6.00 

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