Belgian Blue Whetstones

Belgian Blue Whetstones
Discover the pleasure of sharp tools using a legendary, natural sharpening stone known since Roman times, quarried and fabricated in the Ardennes Region of Belgium.


Amazing combination of speed and fineness of cutting. You may not believe it until you see it!!! No burr! The remarkable cutting abilities of the stones are due to their embedded hard, rhomboid-shaped garnet crystals, millions of them, which both cut and hone, rolling underneath the steel. So durable are these stones that you may pass them on to your grandchildren.
The blue is equivalent to 4000 grit; just add water and go. Never use dry. The stone is non-porous and is used with water only. Belgian Blue whetstones can sharpen any kind of steel, including stainless steel and high speed steel (HSS), such as knives, chisels, scissors, axes, adzes, draw knives and more.
How they work The stones contain a large percentage of garnet crystals. Garnet is only third in hardness behind diamond and corundum (ruby and sapphire), giving these stones their fast cutting action. The soccer-ball faceted shape of the garnet crystals provides an ideal cutting angle.
The crystals cut lightly into the metal, producing very fine shavings. The garnet crystals are only 10-15 microns in diameter, and penetrate about 2-3 microns into the metal. The crystals' edges cut lightly into the metal producing very fine shavings, while the following flat facets cut the resulting burrs (wire edges), effecting the polish or hone. All in one stroke!
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