Energy Seal Textured Caulk 5 gal.

Energy Seal Textured Sealant Caulking by Perma-chink® is specially designed to seal gaps while visually blending into the surrounding wood surfaces. Energy Seal Textured Caulking accepts log home stain colors making it almost invisible. Use Energy Seal on the narrow gaps in log joinery as well as butt joints, window and door trim. Made in the USA.
Technical Data | MSDS | Hot Weather Application

Application Temp: 40º - 90º F
Method: Caulking Gun
Surface Preparation Must be clean and dry and free of oils and wax. Use Backer Rod wherever possible.
Drying Time Skins over in 20 minutes. Complete Curing may take 3 to 8 weeks depending on temperature and humidity
Shelf Life:
Do Not Freeze.
1 year
Clean up: Soap and Water

Energy Seal Textured Caulk 5-gal Colors
  • PC-EnergySeal-5
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C157-ES5#555 5-gal. - Adobe$265.25
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C157-ES5#530 5-gal. - Cedar$265.25
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C157-ES5#523 5-gal. - Classic Brown$265.25
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C157-ES5#5550 5-gal. - Dark Natural$265.25
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C157-ES5#519 5-gal. - Desert Tan$265.25
Qty Pricing PAIL
C157-ES5#560 5-gal. - Earthtone$265.25
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C157-ES5#545 5-gal. - Golden Honey$265.25
Qty Pricing PAIL
C157-ES5#520 5-gal. - Natural Pine$265.25
Qty Pricing PAIL
C157-ES5#505 5-gal. - Sierra Brown$265.25
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C157-ES5#542 5-gal. - Slate Gray$265.25
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C157-ES5#565 5-gal. - Walnut$265.25
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C157-ES5#507 5-gal. - White$265.25
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