Manus-Bond 10.1 oz.

Manu-Bond Caulking
Manus-Bond 75-AM Caulking is a one part polyurethane caulking that has excellent adhesion to wood, especially on wood treated with paraffinic oil stains such as Sikkens/ProLuxe. Manus-Bond caulking is paintable and sandable. Exhibits excellent adhesion to many substrates including aluminum, brass, steel, glass, granite, marble, wood, and many plastics. Cures fast, even in low temperatures. Contains no solvents or isocyanates, making this an extremely low odor caulking. Excellent for use in tight, enclosed spaces. More pest resistant than latex caulks because it is a one-part urethane. Extra UV protection and extended longevity to Manus-Bond caulking can be obtained by applying stain over Manus-Bond. One of the really nice things about Manus-Bond, is that if it rains shortly after application, it will not wash down the sides of your walls like acrylic based caulking. Instead, the rain will actually help it to skin over and setup. Apply before staining (for new construction) or wait one month to one year if applying after staining - for questions about cure times for your particular situation - Just Ask! 1-800-359-6614. Made in the USAColor: Available in Cedar.

Ground Only Technical Data |  MSDS 
Application Temperature: Surface must be 40° F or warmer and free of frost. Clean Up: Mineral spirits. Case Size: 12 tubes per case. Sold in 10.1 oz. tubes. 

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