Model 450 Gas Lamp

Model 450 Gas Lamp


When electricity is not an option, you want the brightest, safest, most efficient gas lamp on the market. And that's the new Model 450 Gas Lamp. This gas lamp rivals a 100-watt bulb in brightness, it can run on the same low pressure gas line as your appliances, making it a safe and energy-efficient choice. This gas lamp is perfect for remote locations, such as fishing cabins or ocean cottages. You can also depend on it during unexpected power outages and other emergencies. With its stainless steel construction, it is built to last and needs little to no maintenance. And the quality is guaranteed; each gas lamp is tested before shipment from the manufacturer. Each gas lamp comes complete with the following items: Mounting Flange, Reflector, Globe Holder, Frosted Globe, and Mantle. Tested and certified for indoor use. Propane only. Extra mantles are available from the options below.

Note: When installing, the top of the reflector must be at least 12" away from the ceiling and the top of the wall mount at least 16" away from the ceiling.  Model 450 Info 

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F113-LAMP Model 450 Propane Lamp$129.95
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F113-MANTLES Replacement Mantles 12 pk$12.48
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