Mor-Flexx Mortar Sealant

Mor-Flexx Mortar SealantMor-Flexx® Sealant is the flexible acrylic latex caulk for textured surfaces. Its texture mimics the character of many different textured surfaces, including wood, stone, stucco, brick, mortar and composite panels and siding. It won't dry hard and crack like other repair products. It stretches and flexes with temperature changes and movement. Mor-Flexx looks like mortar, and stretches like rubber! Use Mor-Flexx where a textured, mortar look is desired, indoors or outdoors. Made in the USA.

 Technical Data |  MSDS
Case sizes:
12 per case for 10.5 oz.
Application Temperature:
40°-90° F.
Soap and water.

These colors are intended to show approximate color only.
Slight color variations can occur between the color chip and actual product.

Cannot Ship USPS Cannot be shipped via:
Priority Mail, Parcel Post, or Express Mail
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C190-15010 Beige 10.5 oz$7.59
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C190-15010-Case Beige 10.5 oz Case$82.87
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C190-15020 Gray 10.5 oz$7.59
Qty Pricing TUBE
C190-15020-Case Gray 10.5 oz Case$82.87
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