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Log Home Wool Batts are sheets of wool sold in 5 pound cartons. Wool batting is an excellent all natural weatherization sealant. Log builders that have used our wool have found that on the log corners it is easier to use wool batts instead of wool ropes. 5 pounds of wool batts will go a long way. If used for log notches and laterals on 8" sized logs, 1 lb. of wool batts will fill about 25 notches or 20 notches for 10" size logs. A pound of wool 4" wide by 3" thick will fill an area about 120 linear feet or if used 6" wide by 3" thick, it will cover approximately 80 linear feet. The U.S. Department of Energy lists Sheep's Wool Batting with an R Value of about 3.5 per inch.  MSDS

For flat ceilings Just lay in the wool batts or loose wool, or wool rope leftovers to desired thickness. For domed, arch, cathedral, peak ceilings, and stud walls: fold up batts to the desired thickness between studs. The vapor barrier is put on immediately to hold batting in place. Usually, the folded wool batts will hold their place between the studs while you put on the vapor barrier.

5 lb Carton of Wool Batts
Note: Each batt is approximately 5' x 8' and about 1" thick.  Due to the way the wool is processed, sheet size and thickness will vary.