Backer Rod

Backer Rod installed in the joints of a log home
Backer Rod for Log Home Chinking
Schroeder Log Home Supply, Inc. is your go-to resource for the maintenance and restoration of log homes. We started our business in 1986 by offering building tools and restoration products. Since our beginning, we have been committed to selling high-quality products that make preserving your log home both easy and affordable. Rod sealants and rod foam backers are essential for all homes, whether you are making changes to an existing home, renovating a historic log structure, or building a new home. We offer both of these products. Our backer rod sealant is used for chinking or sealing, the log joints of log homes. We offer foam and synthetic mortar sealants in addition to sealant tapes in 29-ounce tubes and 5-gallon pails.

Grip Strip Backer Rod Installed in the Log Joints Because the first step of sealing a log home is applying backer rod, we also sell foam backers in a variety of shapes and sizes. These backer rods not only provide insulation for log homes, but also reduce the amount of sealant you will need, thereby saving you both time and money. Most importantly, our foam backers act as bond breakers, allowing sealant to move with logs as they expand and shrink. They make log-home upkeep easier and simpler. We offer four different types of backer rod.

Browse through our selection, or request a copy of our full-color catalog, which features all of our products as well as helpful information, or by calling 1-800-359-6614. If you have any questions on foam backers or rod sealant, visit our FAQ page. We have an entire page filled with information on backer rod and chinking. Otherwise, you can always send us and email.

Backer Rod and Chinking Part 1 & 2
Chinking, Caulking, and Sealants

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