Coating Removers

Chemical strippers and finish removers for log homes can provide you with a beautiful, clean log surface − when you use the proper procedures and products, that is. At Schroeder Log Home Supply, we offer a wide variety of the best chemical strippers and finish removers on the market, providing our customers with easy and convenient access to the log home restoration products you need to do the job right.

Chemical stripping a log home means using finish removers along with a pressure washer to make sure you get all of the previous finish off, allowing you to work with a clean surface. The stripper only softens the existing finish; it’s up to the pressure washer to actually remove the finish from the surface of the walls.

In contrast to media blasting, chemical stripping is a much easier process since all it takes is a general purpose pressure washer, which is conveniently available at most do-it-yourself outlets or equipment rental locations. A pressure washer is also significantly easier to handle than media blasting equipment. Be aware, though, that aggressive pressure washing can cause some surface damage, but any minor marring can be easily fixed with a light sanding or a buffing brush.

Browse our selection of chemical strippers and finish removers here and you’ll be ready to rent a pressure washer and be on your way toward a beautiful new finish for your log home. To learn more or for answers to any questions about our chemical strippers and finish removers for log homes, call Schroeder Log Home Supply today at 1-800-359-6614.

Did You Know?
Chemical strippers (except Log-Gevity Citrus Log Stripper) are temperature dependent and work best around 72°. Cooler temperatures slow them down, while warmer temperatures dry them out.

Tips: Use a roller instead of a brush to apply strippers. Water-based strippers can be reactivated by lightly misting with water.

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