Wood Treatments

  • Use borate based wood preservatives like Bor8 Rods or CobraRods to protect your logs and timbers from the inside-out.
  • Use borate based Armor-Guard, Boracol, Tim-bor, or Shell-Guard RTU to treat from the outside-in.
  • To protect your log ends use our End Grain Sealers.
  • Use Sapstain Controls to protect your newly cut logs from blue-stain fungus.
  • Pentacryl is used to stabilize and keep green wood from cracking (great for furniture makers).
  • If you are looking for the gray rustic look, use LifeTime or Gary Gray Sansin Wood Sealer to turn bare wood gray.
  • We also carry wood primers for Perma-Chink stains (Lifeline Prelude) and log home stain additives.
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