Cant Hooks

Cant Hooks "Cant" a sudden movement that tilts or overturns a thing. Used for rolling or turning heavy logs. The blunt end of the Cant Hook does less damage to the logs then the Peavey.

  • Dixie Cant Hooks have hickory handles. 2' - 3½' have 2¼" diameter handles. 4' - 5' have 2½" diameter handles.
  • Nalco Cant Hooks have white ash handles. 2' - 4' have 2¼" diameter handles. 4½' & 5' have 2½" diameter handles.
  • Peavey brand Cant Hooks have 2-3/8" diameter ash handles.

Hickory is the hardest and strongest wood found in North America. Well known for its strength and shock resistant properties, hickory is extremely tough, resilient, even textured, very hard and rated only moderately heavy-providing excellent strength-to-weight ratios.

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