Cobra Rods

Cobra Rods are a safe, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved wood decay protection and prevention system for log homes. Cobra Rods are a wood preservative, fungicide, and insecticide that's safe to handle and made entirely of a unique Boron and Copper Hydroxide complex. Cobra Rods include the addition of Copper Hydroxide which provides extended protection from fungus species not affected by borates, effectively providing more protection then Impel Rods.

Cobra Rods take the form of a solid cylindrical rod that is approximately 7/16" in diameter (use a 1/2" drill bit for installation) and comes in 2" and 4" lengths. Cobra Rods are a deep green color and has a glass-like look and feel. When used for logs, the Cobra Rods can be "plugged" with caulking or chinking to aesthetically hide them. Cobra Rod Plugs are also available (included with the 2" 10 pack and 3" 12 pack of Cobra Rods). Cobra Rods can be used in logs, landscape timbers, deck joists, posts, and other places where moisture is present. The treatment cycle is 8 to 10 years if wood moisture is 20% or higher. Cobra Rods are placed into holes drilled in wood at specific high risk locations (such as at the groundline or near joints and exposed endgrain) and are dependent upon moisture in the wood to work. Made in Canada. CobraRods Technical Data pdf logo Cobra Rod Technical Data | pdf logo CobraRods SDS SDS

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