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Log Builder Caulking being applied on a Swedish Cope style log home Log Builder Caulking log home sealant Log Builder Caulking by Sashco is a log home caulking sealant with a limited lifetime warranty. Sashco Log Builder Caulking is designed to meet the demanding sealant needs log homes and is compatible with most construction materials. Sashco Log Builder Caulking is water resistant in 1-4 hours. Sashco Log Builder caulking has superior water resistance. Plus excellent resistance to UV rays. Sashco Log Builder Caulking develops powerful adhesion, remains a rubbery sealant for many years. Not only does Log Builder caulking have powerful adhesion to sound wood - it sticks to a lot more. Granted, you want your sealant to have superior adhesion to all species of wood, but Sashco Log Builder caulking adheres to a variety of surfaces. After all, your log home doesn't just consist of wood. What about windows, doors, and baseboards made of a different material? Sashco Log Builder caulking sticks to most building materials including glass, plastics, and metals. So you can seal around those windows, doors and baseboards effectively. And you can fill checks and cracks since Log Builder caulking adheres to most log home stains and finishes too. Sashco Log Builder caulking has water-based chemistry that is environmentally friendly. All Sashco caulking including Log Builder Caulking is recommended for use with Backer Rod when used with logs. Made in the USA. Log Builder Caulking - How Well Does it Stick? Application Temperature: 40-90° F (log surface temp.) Cleanup: Soap and water. Log Builder Caulking Data | SDS

 Log Builder Caulking Application Tips
  • Start with clean logs that have already been treated with a quality borate wood preservative (such as PeneTreat see Tim-bor) and log stain compatible with Log Builder Caulking (such as Capture or Transformation). Make sure all log checks and cracks are thoroughly cleaned as well.
  • Install a "bond-breaker" i.e., backer rod or mylar tape.
  • Apply Log Builder caulking with a standard caulking gun, bulk loading gun (with Follow Plate), or the patented Sashco Snorkler™ (for professional applicators).
  • Tool Log Builder caulk to the log surface using a foam brush, trowel, or any effective method you're comfortable with.

How Much Log Builder Caulking Do I Need?
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Log Builder Caulking Color Swatch
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