Log Home Deck Finishes

Product Cleanup *Coverage Coats Application Temp.
LifeTime W 160 1 Above 32° F
NatureColor Base S 165-300 1-2 50-90° F
Outlast Q8 Log Oil W 150-300 1 flood coat Above 50° F
ProLuxe Premium Deck S 350-450 2 50-90° F
ProLuxe SRD RE S 250-400 1 50-90° F
Sansin Dec W 150-300 2 50-75° F
Sansin SDF | SDF Topcoat W 330 1-2 50-75° F
Sansin Wood Sealer | Gary Gray Wood Sealer W 100-200 2 50-75° F
Transformation Siding & Trim SW 150-350 2 40-90° F
WeatherSeal S 175-325 2 55-90° F
WR-5 S 200-400 1-3 50-80° F
X-100 Deck Stain SW 200-400 1-2 Above 50° F
*Coverage: Rate based on average sq. ft. per gallon (depending on porosity of wood surface).
S = SOLVENT W = WATER SW = Water or Solvent (Depends on Elapsed Time)
Note: All finishes that are sprayed on need to be back brushed for proper surface penetration. ProLuxe, Q8 Log Oil, Sashco finishes, and WeatherSeal are freeze-thaw stable.

Notes on Decks & Deck Stains

Walking traffic, direct sun, and standing water make decks higher maintenance than log walls.

Most log home finishes are too soft for use as a deck stain. Use a finish rated for decks.

Clear finishes are more prone to UV damage and have shorter lifespans than pigmented finishes on decks and log walls.

For matching the house stain to the deck consider LifeTime, Sansin, Sikkens (ProLuxe), Transformation, WeatherSeal, WR-5, or X-100 Deck.

Inspect areas where the deck meets the log walls. This area can be a problem area for wood rot. Water runs down the deck to the log wall. Flashing will solve this problem where the deck meets the wall.

Contrasting colors of deck stain to the house can be attractive - e.g. light honey colored house, dark honey colored deck.

Pressure treated or green treated decks can be stained, but wait 3 months to 1 year. This allows the wood to dry and the green color to fade. This will give a more true color to the stain that you purchased.

Cedar decks stand up better to the weather but they still need a water repellent, pigmented finish. All wood rots when conditions are right.

Railings are high maintenance; watch the tops of log railings for sunburned and water catching depressions.

Be careful of cedar railings that were strip peeled. Strip peeling (removing the bark without using a drawknife) can leave a thin layer of cambium that will peel off prematurely, making it appear that the stain is peeling. Also, the closed wood pores can repel the log or deck stain's ability to adhere.

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