Log Home End Grain Sealers

At Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc., we have the best supplies to properly maintain your log cabins. When dealing with such wooden structures, it is very easy to overlook necessary steps in preserving the exposed wood ends. Failure to seal logs, though, can easily leave wood exposed, leading to damage from the elements, insects and wood rot. 
Our team not only provides you with information and literature that contains detailed steps to properly maintain your cabin, but we also give you the tangible tools and supplies you need to ensure your log cabin’s wood is stays healthy and looking new. That’s why we offer our selection of log cabin end grain sealants that are the perfect choice for adding a fresh look and a layer of protection to your structure.

These sealants protect the ends of each individual log from the elements. The sawed-off ends of logs are the most susceptible to damage because they expose the innards of the log. Keeping that part of the log protected is very important to maintaining your cabin. Our end sealers keep the wood ends dry during the harshest of rainstorms and safe from the damaging sun on the hottest of summer days during peak cabin season. With clear and easy-to-read directions, you’ll also have a simple time applying the correct amount of sealer to fully seal and protect your log ends.  

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