Log Home Shake & Shingle Roof Finishes

Product Cleanup *Coverage Coats Application Temp.
LifeTime W 160 1 Above 32° F
Outlast Q8 Log Oil W 150-300 1 Above 50° F
ProLuxe SRD RE S 150-250 1 50-90° F
Sansin Wood Sealer | Gary Gray Wood Sealer W 100-200 2 50-75° F
WOODguard SW 75-100 1-2 50-95° F
WR-5 S 200-400 1 50-80° F
X-100 WPC SW 75-150 1-2 Above 50° F
*Coverage: Rate based on average sq. ft. per gallon (depending on porosity of wood surface).
S = SOLVENT W = WATER SW = Water or Solvent (Depends on Elapsed Time)
Note: Outlast Q8 Log Oil & ProLuxe are freeze-thaw stable.

Talk all you want about living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms; the reality is a home's roof is, and always will be, its most important feature. A log cabin roof has a natural, rustic appeal that shingles will simply never be able to provide. Smart log cabin homeowners ensure their roof will last for years to come with shake wood and shingle finishes by Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc.

Give your roof the look and color you desire with our products, as we have options available for an array of needs, including owners that wish to limit their carbon footprint and use environmentally friendly products.

Please refer to the chart on the page or a product's description for application directions, and information about coverage. Coverage is based on the average square feet per gallon and that number will be affected by the porosity of the wood's surface. If you have any questions, please call or email us today.

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