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Log Jam Chinking When others chinking pulls away, Log Jam holds its seal.Log Jam Chinking is an acrylic elastic chinking joint sealant. Log Jam Chinking will give your log home the traditional, historic look of mortar chinking. Log Jam Chinking stretches and compresses as logs shrink and swell, up to 100% of its original joint size. Log Jam Chinking has excellent memory.

Log Jam Chinking Log Home Sealant Holds its Seal on logsLog Jam chinking is an elastic log sealant that simply responds better to log movement than other chinking. Since all logs move, this elasticity allows Log Jam chinking to handle log movement, in any type of weather, over and over again. Log Jam chinking stretches and compresses as logs shrink and swell − up to 100% of the original joint size. Yet Log Jam chinking maintains the traditional look of mortar, without "stretching out," so the chinking still looks good after years of log movement. With Log Jam chinking, you should only have to chink once.

No one wants to re-chink time and time again. Chinking that cracks and literally pulls away from logs leaves your log home vulnerable to weather, air filtration and insects. Use Log Jam chinking for a tight seal to avoid the hassles. Since most log homes experience log movement during the first few years, Log Jam chinking is guaranteed for five years. So you can be assured Log Jam chinking won't pull away from your logs. Log Jam chinking tightly grips to all species of wood (including oily woods like cedar) and most log home stains and log finishes. Log Jam has a 1 hour fire rating and is the only chinking product on the market that is UL approved. Log Jam Chinking is recommended for use with Backer Rod for proper chinking application. Made in the USA. Application Temperature: 40°-90° F. Cleanup: Soap and Water.
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