Logger Tape

Spencer Loggers tapes are designed and manufactured for professional loggers, forestry specialists, and arborists. 3/8" tape width; 50' or 75' lengths. Heavy duty construction. Made in the USA.


To Operate
Make a habit always to stop the tape with fingers when reeling in- for safety, to keep the tape tight
on the spool, to keep the tape clean and to guard against kinking. Do not let the tape rewind

The spring tension is factory set so the tape cannot be pulled out past the final foot mark plus 2
inches. Tension adjustment is needed only when installing a new tape or when adjusting the
stopping point.

To Adjust Tension
Loosen six screws on the spring housing locking ring. To release the tension, allow the housing to
revolve counter clockwise. To increase tension, turn the housing clockwise. Retighten the six
screws to keep the spring set at the desired tension.

To Replace Blade

Loosen six screws on the spring housing locking ring, allowing the housing to revolve and release
all tension. Detach worn or broken tape by loosening the screw at the center hub. insert a new tape
with the unprinted side toward the hub. Secure it with the screw.

Wind the spring housing in a clockwise direction about 8 turns for Model 950 and Model 975, and
4 turns for Model 900. Tighten 2 or 3 screws and pull the tape out to 50'2" (Model 950), 75'2" (Model
 975), or 100'2" (Model 900). lf the tape pulls out past this point, tighten the tension by another partial
clockwise turn of the housing. It the tape stops short, release the housing part of a turn. Once
adjusted, let the tape rewind and tighten all six screws securely.

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