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Oakum or "jute", has been used in log building for more than a hundred years and works well as a filler because it is pliable, a good insulator, resists decay, and repels insects and rodents. When using Oakum with products such as: Log Jam, Log Builder, and Perma-Chink be sure to apply a bond breaker between the Oakum and the caulking or chinking product. Mylar tape or "packing tape" works well as a bond breaker. The bond breaker breaks the bond of the caulk or chinking material so that it will not stick to the Oakum and allows it to expand and contract without cracking. See diagrams on the top of this pageCannot Be Sold or Shipped to Canada

#50 Super Golden Oakum (Oiled). Coil of 7 strands twisted together. Approx. 50 feet in length. Approx. 2" in diameter.
#60 Dry Twisted Oakum (Not Oiled). Coil of 7 strands twisted together. Approximately 100 feet in length, cut into 27" lengths. Approx. 2" in diameter.

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