Perma-Chink Energy Seal Caulking

Energy Seal Caulk by Perma-Chink
Caulking a log home with Energy Seal by Perma-Chink Perma-Chink Energy Seal Textured Caulking is a Log Home Sealant designed for Milled and Scribed Log Homes. Energy Seal, was created specifically to seal milled or scribed log homes. One application makes any log wall completely weather-tight. Energy Seal has excellent adhesion and stretch. Its long-lasting, UV-stable and chemical-resistant formula has become a popular log home sealant. Unlike many commonly used sealants, which look shiny and artificial, Energy Seal is textured to match the visual characteristics of wood. It tools easily to a smooth, professional finish, virtually disappearing into the walls after it's applied. It softens the lines on log walls and accepts the color of wood finishes. In fact, Energy Seal so closely matches your walls, most people can't tell the seams are sealed. Made in the USA.

Energy Seal Caulk Colors
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