PQ-80 Biocide

For Industrial Use Only

PQ-80 is an effective, water-soluble fungicide concentrate formulation with a mild scent containing Copper-8-Quinolinolate (Oxine Copper) for the control of sapstain and mold on both hardwoods and softwoods. PQ-80 is also suitable for canvas and other textiles, rope and nets, and paper products. PQ-80 may be applied by spraying, dipping, or electrostatic deposition on fresh cut lumber for sapstain control. PQ-80 is compatible with commonly used insecticides.

The active ingredient in PQ-80, copper-8-quinolinolate, is allowed by the FDA as a preservative for wooden articles used in transporting, packaging or holding agricultural products. Freshly cut wood should be treated as soon as possible and definitely within 48 hours. Otherwise fungal attack may extend below the surface of the wood, beyond the reach of a surface fungicide treatment. Remove sawdust and other debris from application apparatus daily to maintain solution effectiveness. Freshly treated lumber should be protected from rain.

Application Techniques - the most common method of applying anti-stain chemicals is a dip immersion. Experience has proven that an immersion of a single board for a short duration (approximately ten seconds) in a properly maintained solution at the dilution rate of 1 gallon PQ-80 per 200 gallons of water will control stain and mold under moderate staining conditions. Dipping complete packages of lumber will normally require 30 seconds to three minutes for immersion. All surfaces should be treated in order to ensure control. As a rule of thumb, remove bundles when air bubbles stop coming from between the layers of boards. Dip times can be reduced by placing the lumber on an angle with the surface of the dip solution as it is immersed. Do Not Freeze.

Typical Use Rates - dilution rates will depend on biological stress, temperature, humidity, species, and application method. Less active ingredient is needed per board foot when climate is cool and control for short-term periods desired. Increased solution concentrations should be used when stress level is high or to minimize sapstain in fresh-cut lumber. Smooth surfaced lumber normally retains 30% to 50% less fungicide solution as rough cut wood and needs a stronger concentration to deposit the necessary amount of fungicide on the wood.

Ships By Truck Only (Cannot Ship to Alaska or Canada) 5-gal Pail: Call For Pricing and to Order: 1-800-359-6614