Restoration & Maintenance Books

Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc. has everything in the vein of do-it-yourself log cabin home repair, from instructional books to the supplies needed to get the job done. For more than three decades, we have been educating people who have a curiosity for home restoration and a drive to become more handy. Our selection of log cabin home maintenance and restoration books has empowered owners of log cabins to become more familiar with the best methods to keep up and repair their rugged abodes.

Whether you are preserving a piece of history or sprucing up a cabin for the summer months, Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc. has literature that will help you master the skills needed for log cabin restoration. Our guides, manuals and books are key to protecting and restoring exterior wood. Plenty of beautiful wooden structures have sadly spanned far shorter lives than they should have due to improper maintenance.

There are plenty of threats to log cabin homes, including insects and wood rot that can easily be taken care of, given the proper instructions. With these books you can learn all about pressure washing, different types of preservatives, the application of finishes and much more.

It is our job at Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc. to equip you with the knowledge and supplies to treat the wood of your cabin with the utmost care. Check out our selection below or call us today at 1-800-359-6614 to learn more.

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