The Kernel Corn Cob Blaster


Save time and money removing finishes from logs the earth friendly way without harsh chemicals or messy liquids. Complete with instruction manual, all parts, and hoses needed to operate machine (corn cob media not included). Cobblasting is an innovative new way of stripping logs by using "grit-o-cobs" (dried corn cobs), instead of sand. Cobblasting is less abrasive than using sand and can be used as mulch for a garden or around plants when the job is done (if the stripped finish doesn't contain any lead). Typically with sandblasting the sand has to be hauled away adding extra expense. Cobblasting won't pit the logs the way that sandblasting will (a light sanding is all that is required so that absorption of stain is more uniform) and so you can save time and expense by not having to sand the logs down so heavily. See pdf logo Custom Features, Equipment, and Tips on Using The Kernel Machine and Abrasive Blasting. Note: the fan nozzle is no longer available. pdf logo Kernel User Manual