Timber Frame

Log cabins and rustic, wood-framed homes offer an entirely unique style and the incomparable natural beauty of all-natural timber woodwork. Seeing all the exposed wood, often boasting intricate ceiling designs that show off the weight-bearing structures and beautiful lattices of wood supports, creates a spectacular effect and a magical charm.

With the selection of timber frame log home plans and books available at Schroeder Log Home Supply, you’ll find great ideas and inspiration to help you design and build a home that takes advantage of the natural beauty of wood. Find your personal style and leverage the warmth and texture of the natural hardwoods in your home to create an even lovelier living environment.

Whether you’re hoping to recapture the rustic look of the homes of our pioneers or create a modern masterpiece that harkens back to the days of old, you’ll find more ideas than you can use in these books of plans and designs for timber frame log homes. Imagine sitting by a stone fireplace with a fine snifter of brandy as you stare up at the textured timber trusses, or gather around the dinner table with some of your closest friends and family under sophisticated, but still homey and rustic timber beams.

Let these books of home plans and designs for timber frame log homes supply the inspiration to take your home from a simple house to an artistic masterpiece. Order yours today and find the perfect ideas to add even more charm and wonder to your home.

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