Helle Lappland Knife

The Lappland celebrates the northern Scandinavia knife traditions and is often used by the indigenous Sámi people as a utility knife. The Sámi people use these large knifes (Leuku) in their daily mobile life. Its non-laminated 12C27 stainless steel blade is fairly thin for effective slicing. The barren shaped handle is made of birch with brass fittings. Suitable for medium to large hands, the knife sits deep in its traditional leather sheath and attaches with a leather strop. A great camp knife, and together with a classic small knife it makes a perfect team in your tool collection. “Lappland” refers to the northern region that stretches and combines the northern parts of Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Made in Norway.
Full Length: 13½" long
Blade Length 8.43"
Blade Thickness 3 mm
Handle about 5"
Weight: 10.76 oz

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