Abocrete Mini Kit

Abocrete Mini Kit
  • Brand: Abatron

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special order logoAbocrete Mini Kit - The Ultimate Restoration and Resurfacing Material Structurally and Chemically Superior to Concrete. Welds permanently to concrete, metal, wood and most surfaces, whereas concrete, even if improved with additives, cannot bond permanently to concrete and other surfaces. AboCrete provides structural and decorative patching, resurfacing and restoration. It fills cracks and replaces missing sections of concrete, marble, granite, and other stones. It bonds broken sections together, anchors posts and railings. Light Gray color.  pdf logo Data Sheet | pdf logo SDS

Mini Abocrete Kit Contains: 1 quart liquid epoxy resin (Abocrete A), 1/2 pint liquid hardener (Abocrete B) and enough sand to blend about 1 gallon of Abocrete compound, all packaged separately in the same pail.

  • Contains no solvents or volatiles.
  • Unaffected by salt water, oils and other chemicals that corrode concrete.
  • Ideal for heavy traffic floors, stairs, loading and parking areas, warehouses, plants, ship docks, worn or cracked surfaces.
  • Holds better than bolts to install equipment, machinery, precasts, posts, columns, structural and decorative components.
  • Can be applied in any thickness from a few mils to more than 1 foot thick.
  • Shrink-free.
  • Makes anti-slip floors and decks.
  • Much stronger and more chemical resistant than concrete.
  • Useable without sand for priming and coating, or extended up to 10 times with graded sand and gravel or stone.
  • Can be colored with pigments or concrete powder.
  • Hardens quickly.

AboCrete hardens in approximately 1 to 6 hours depending on the temperature, thickness, amount of aggregate and other variables. It can be applied with simple hand tools or by brush, paint roller or squeegee.

Coverage: One gallon of AboCrete, with or without sand or aggregate, covers 231 cubic inches or exactly the volume of 1 gallon, the maximum coverage any material can offer. For example, 1 gallon covers 320 sq. ft., 5 mils thick.

For cold, even sub-freezing weather, and/or even under water, AboCrete A can be blended with AboCure 7912-1 in a ratio of 2 parts by volume AboCrete A with 1 part by volume AboCrete 7912-1 for patching and resurfacing.