Albion 1 qt. Manual Bulk Loading Gun

Albion 1 qt. Manual Bulk Loading Gun
  • SKU: T017-DL-59-T13
  • Brand: Albion

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The Albion 1 qt. Manual Bulk Loading Gun (DL-59-T13) is our most popular model for large volume application of caulking and chinking. It has and 18" long barrel and produces 375 lbs. of force. Use with an Albion Follow Plate for quick refills from 5 gallon pails!

This bulk-loading caulk gun can be purchased, used and returned at a 50% discount! The same as renting it, but no time limitation! Just return the gun in a clean, undamaged condition (free of all caulking, residue, and rust free).

  • Heavy duty 5/16" square rod, driven by a pair of hardened steel grip plates.
  • Rotating steel barrel for convenience and durability.
  • Comfortable epoxy coated handle.
  • Double set of oiled leather pistons stiffened by a trio of steel washers for reliable loading and dispensing.
  • Conical ejector for more complete dispensing.
  • Standard 1/2" round metal nozzle.
  • Threaded steel front cap.

Note: to use caulking sausage packs, open the front of the gun by removing the cap, then replace the first leather packing cup with one 2" Teflon Packing Cup (T174-21-20 - sold separately). This makes it more rigid to push the material out of the sausage and does not allow the foil to coil up behind the leather piston.