Armor-Guard Borate Wood Preservative

Armor-Guard Borate Wood Preservative

Armor-Guard is a 100% powder borate wood preservative that you dissolve in water to use. Armor-Guard protects uninfested wood from wood decay and wood destroying insects. Like all borate treatments, your exterior wood surfaces should be protected with a log home finish to seal in the borates. Do not apply Armor-Guard over a stain or finish. Armor-Guard stays near the surface and so should be reapplied if your log home finish is physically or chemically removed. For a more penetrating borate treatment for your log home see Shell-Guard RTU.

Remedial & Preventative Treatment
For remedial control of organisms attacking wood, apply 10% aqueous solution of Armor-Guard by brush or spay until surface is thoroughly wet (approximately 5 gallons of solution per 1000 sq.ft.). Application may also be made by drilling and then injecting the solution under pressure into sound wood or until run-off is observed from entry/exit holes of infested wood. * Alternatively, apply Armor-Guard powder to infested members by drill and injection into galleries or dust generously on wood surfaces and in wall voids at a rate of approximately 0.5 ounces (12-14 grams) per square foot.

Spray or powder/dust applications of Armor-Guard may also be made to wood during construction. Apply solution to all accessible surfaces of bare wood at a rate of approximately 5 gallons per 1000 sq.ft. Application should be performed after framing and roofing are in place and before insulation and dry wall are installed. Avoid spaying electrical components. Protect treated wood from excessive rain. End-cuts of wood may also be treated by spray or brush methods listed above, or by 5 minute dipping in Armor-Guard treatment solution.

Armor-Guard Protects Against:

  • Ambrosia Beetles, Carpenter Ants, False Powder Post Beetles
  • Furniture and Deathwatch Beetles
  • Longhorn Beetles, Old House Borers, Powder Post Beetles
  • Termites: Dampwood, Drywood, & Subterranean
  • Wood Decay Fungi

Features and Benefits

  • Can be used on all wood and wood composites
  • Provides a shell of protection around all treated wood
  • Will prevent and kill termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles and wood rot
  • Does not affect the color of wood
  • Does not interfere with the application of high quality wood finishes
  • Is easy to mix and apply and labeled for home owners to use
  • EPA approved

Application Temperature: 40° to 90° F.
Coverage: Approximately 200 sq. ft. per gal. of mixed solution. A 17 lb. pail covers approximately 3,400 sq. ft.
Coats: 1 coat application. Mix 1 pound (4 cups or 2 of the enclosed scoops) of powder with one gallon of water.
Surface Prep: Must be clean dry bare wood. Do not apply over a finish.
Drying Time: 1-3 days. Clean up: Soap and Water
Shelf Life: 5 years; the stability of Armor-Guard in a liquid solution has a limited life cycle. This is why we recommend to mix up only what you're going to use and store the powder for later.
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