BEE-Gone Concentrate Insecticide

BEE-Gone Concentrate Insecticide

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Protect Your Home with BEE Gone® Insecticide Concentrate for Control Against Carpenter Bees and other Wood-destroying Insects like Bark Beetles and Carpenter Ants. Also use for Spiders, Ticks, Wasps, and many other insects! 

Guard against those damaging and destructive outdoor pests with BEE Gone®, an EPA-registered pyrethroid insecticide. Around your home and residential outbuildings, it effectively controls carpenter bees and other wood-destroying insects. For easy spray-on application, BEE Gone also mixes readily with water. Available in a convenient 8 oz. bottle that mixes with a 5 gallon pail of water to spray with a garden pump sprayer. See Directions for full details. Made in the USA.  Directions SDS 

    • EPA-registered and effective pyrethroid insecticide.
    • Controls carpenter bees and wood-destroying insects.
    • Works as a perimeter treatment for outdoor pests around residential buildings.
    • Can be easily mixed with water for spraying.
    • Designed for wooden structural surfaces on home’s exterior.
    • For outdoor homeowner use only.
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