Buffy Pad System

Three separate elements make up the Buffy Pad System:

  1. The Backer Pad is the blue and white pad that screws onto the 5/8" X 11" grinder/polisher arbor and holds the Grabber Pad. The rubber, tapered face allows the system to easily follow the contours of irregular wood surfaces.
  2. The Grabber Pad protects the much more expensive Backer Pad from damage. Grabber Pads are used up at the rate of about 1 per every 10-20 Buffy Pads. 
  3. The Buffy Pad is pressed and twisted into the Grabber Pad (and then pressed into it again and reverse twisted, for solid holding power).

The 5" diameter Buffy Pads are excellent for de-felting and removing loosely-held, weathered coatings, as well as bare, weathered wood. They are more gentle than Osborn™ Brushes, they better preserve fine log details like draw-knife ridges, and are particularly effective on interior and exterior surfaces. If used for an entire log home, it can take 100 to 200 Pads per average-sized home. Buffies work best to reduce cob-blasting texture – without removing all of the valuable stain-holding roughness. They leave little or no swirls in the wood and work faster than random orbital sanders. Great on most hand-rail spindles and on most flat surfaces (as well as round)! The only drawback is that they do not impart significant texture to the wood all by themselves. Buffy Pads should NOT be run at speeds higher than 4,000 rpm! Be sure to wear proper eye, respiratory, and hand protection. Made in the USA.

Backer, Grabber, and Buffy Pads are sold separately from the options below.

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C190-39030 1. Backer Pad (1 each)$58.11
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C190-39020 2. Grabber Pads (10 per bag)$39.99
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C190-39010 3. Buffy Pads (30 per bag)$93.99
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