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Capture Flex Tint Log Stain by Sashco allows you to custom tint Capture log finish! Use the equivalent of one full cartridge of color per 5 gallon pail or 1/5 per 1 gallon pail i.e. you could mix half of one color with half of another for a custom 5 gallon color. If making a custom color keep in mind you are in charge of the final color. And box box box to ensure a consistent color every time.

USE ONLY Capture Flex Tint Color Cartridges with Capture Flex Tint Base below. Inject color cartridge(s) with a 10.5 oz. caulk gun and mix completely with a drill driven paddle mixer (3-5 minutes or until evenly dispersed) at the jobsite. Do not use Flex Tint base without adding color, even as a maintenance coat - the UV protection is primarily in the color cartridges. Do not add Flex Tint colors to other products.


Capture is a log finish that is extremely effective and attractive semi-transparent stain that is followed by a weather repellent topcoat, Cascade. Capture Log Stain and Cascade work together. Both are freeze-thaw stable in their containers through at least 5 freeze-thaw cycles (freezing in the container, rethawing, then freezing again, etc.) Modest sheen gives "depth" to the appearance of logs (when used in conjunction with the Cascade clear topcoat). It is highly elastic and its flexibility permits the bridging of small cracks in the surface of the wood and provides an elastic shield for the underlying wood. Two heavy coats of Capture Log Stain are now recommended, especially for Autumn Aspen, Bronze Pine, Natural, Wheat, and other light colors. Capture also works well by itself as a one coat interior stain or can be top-coated with Symphony. Capture Log Stain and Cascade are compatible with other Sashco products like PeneTreat Tim-bor), Conceal, Log Builder Caulking, and Log Jam Chinking. Made in the USA. Capture Log Stain Application Instructions PDF Capture Flex Tint Technical Data | Capture Flex Tint Log Stain Info PDF Info | Capture Flex Tint Log Stain SDS PDF SDS   

Application Temp: 40-90º F.
Coats: Exterior: 2 Capture + 1 Cascade. Interior: 1 Capture + 1 Symphony
Coverage: Smooth Surfaces: 200-300 Rough Surfaces: 150 sq. ft. per gal.
Method: Spray and Brush. Back-brushing required for best results.
Surface Prep: Media blast, power wash, or sand wood using an Osborn brush or 60-80 grit sand paper to remove failing stains, UV-damaged, or unsound wood fibers, mill glaze, and other surface contaminants. If mildew is present, apply CPR in the brightener strength, or apply bleach in a 4 parts water to 1 part bleach solution. See Technical Data for more details.
Drying Time: Dries to the touch in 30 minutes or less in ideal weather. Will retain a slight tackiness until top-coated with Cascade.
Shelf Life: 3 years.
Storage: The base is Freeze-Thaw Stability Passes at least 5 cycles. Store in moderate temperatures (40-90°F). Leftover product can be stored if the lid is tightly replaced. Best to store Flex Tint color tube cartridges @ 50-90°F. Once a Flex Tint Cartridge is open, it can be stored for 6 months, max. If Flex Tint is thickened to the point of difficult extrusion, it’s no good and should be discarded. To store an open Capture Flex Tint cartridge, wrap the nub tightly with plastic wrap and a rubber band.
Cleanup: Soap and Water.

Not Sure on Color? Request a Wet Sample!
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PaintCare Notice: Finishes shipped to: CA, CO, CT, DC, ME, MN, NY, OR, RI, VT, & WA will include an additional $0.75 per 1-gal and $1.60 per 5-gal pail sold in order to comply with PaintCare State Law Legislation. (CA is now $0.65 per 1-gal and $1.50 per 5-gal. DC is now $0.70 per 1-gal and $1.60 per 5-gal. MN & VT are now $0.99 per 1-gal and $1.99 per 5-gal pail). To find out more go to


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P190-65680 Capture Flex Tint - Weathered Wood$36.99
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