Cedar Wash

Cedar Wash

Cedar Wash for cleaning logs and wood

Cedar Wash is a liquid, ready to use wood cleaner that removes oils, resins, and wood extractives from the surface that may interfere with adhesion of Deck Defense and other Lifeline exterior wood stains. Designed for Western Red Cedar & Redwood (Softwoods) and Walnut & Mahogany (Hardwoods). Will not harm finishes that are in good condition. Safe to use on chinking and sealants. Low environmental impact. Available in 2½ gallon and 5 gallon sizes from the options below. Made in the USA.

 Technical Data |  MSDS
Application Temp:
40° - 90° F.
175-225 sq. ft. per gallon.
Storage: 1 year shelf life; Do Not Freeze.

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R157-CEDARWASH-2.5G 2-1/2 gal$49.75
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