Dixie Peaveys

Dixie Peaveys

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Peaveys (or Peavies) were invented by Joseph Peavey approximately 1865-70. Used like the Cant Hook to turn logs but with a pointed end instead of a blunt end. The pointed end makes it easier to work logs from a pile or push logs into position.

Dixie Peaveys have 2½" or 2¼" diameter hickory handles. The 5' Bangor Peavey available in the options below has a one-piece pick that is more blunt than the other peavies that will not tear up the logs as much. Made in the USA.

Peaveys may be subject to additional shipping charges based on size, not weight. We'll notify you of additional charges before shipping your order.

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T046-00130 3½' x 2¼"$110.17
T046-00240 4' x 2½"$119.83