Dumond Laminated Paper

Dumond Laminated Paper

Dumond® Laminated Paper aids in the effectiveness of the Smart Strip Peel Away® paint removal process, this is especially useful when:

  • Extended dwell times are necessary to remove all coatings.
  • The temperature and elements may dry out the paste from the paint removal.
  • Keeping the paste wet by using the laminated paper allows the product to work more effectively.
  • Multiple coatings need to be removed. The laminated paper reduces the wrinkling or tenting that occurs during a paint removal project so that the remover stays in contact with subsequent coatings until reaching the bare substrate.

Each individual package contains a 3 pack equaling 30 square feet of paper.

Aids in the effectiveness of Smart Strip Peel Away® paint removal process. Controls lead-dust dispersal on historic restoration and lead remediation projects by containing lead-based paints and other hazardous materials Increases dwell time and reduces evaporation for Peel Away® paint removal products, especially when temperatures exceed 90° degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Dumond-Paper
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