E-Wood Epoxy Wood Putty

E-Wood Epoxy Wood Putty

E-Wood shown over M-Balm
E-Wood is for filling voids in decayed wood. E-Wood forms a permanent bond to most rigid surfaces. Porous surfaces should first be coated with M-Balm. Use E-Wood to replace missing sections of windowsills, frames, furniture, or any wood structure including logs. Use it to add new sections to already completed structures.
Color: Wood tone. MSDS

With disposable gloves on both hands, knead together one part of E-Wood Epoxy (Part A) with one part E-Wood Hardener (Part B) by volume. Mix no more than can be applied within 15 minutes.
Apply over clean and dry wood that has been treated and sealed with M-Balm liquid wood epoxy. Mold to a rough finished shape. When cured, E-Wood can be sawed, nailed, carved, machined and sanded. E-Wood can be tinted or painted. See dry pigments.

Application Temp: 40-90 F.
Drying Time: 12 to 24 hours. E-Wood cures slower in low temperatures. (Never change the mixing ratio to compensate for lower temperatures.)
Clean up: Uncured mixed E-Wood (Part A and Part B) may be cleaned up with white vinegar then flushed with water.
Safety: Always wear protective disposable gloves when using this product. Avoid skin contact. Skin sensitization may result from prolonged and repeated contact. If use causes soreness, redness, blistering, or other symptoms of irritation, stop use and see a physician immediately. Use with adequate ventilation. If eye contact occurs, flush with large quantities of water and contact a physician immediately. Do not use around open flame. If Part A is swallowed, induce vomiting. If Part B is swallowed, Do Not induce vomiting. Keep out of reach of children.

Cannot Ship USPS Cannot be shipped via: Priority Mail, Parcel Post, or Express Mail

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