E-Z Tenon Cutters

The E-Z Tenon Cutters are the adjustable tenon cutters that can cut a 1 to 2½ inch tenon on stock up to 4½ inches in diameter. Just drill your log tenon stock with a 3/8" pilot hole for each E-Z Tenon. The 45º E-Z Tenon Cutter cuts the tenon with a single double-edged blade. It comes with a spare blade attached to one of the arms. The 90º E-Z Tenon Cutter cuts with two blades. Both can be used with a 1/2 inch drill motor. The E-Z Tenon Cutters will work with the  Milwaukee 3/4" Drill. Steel and aluminum construction. Made in the USA.

45º & 90º
Now Available in 2 Cutting Styles!
The E-Z 45º is the original E-Z Tenon Cutter.
The new E-Z 90º cuts a tenon with a square shoulder.
If you already own the E-Z 45º Tenon Cutter,
you can just add the 90º cutting arms -
click here.
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T069-E-ZTENON E-Z 45°$179.99
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T069-E-ZBLADE E-Z 45° Replacement Blade (1 Required)$15.99
0 USD Qty Pricing EACH
T069-E-ZTENON90 E-Z 90°$179.99
0 USD Qty Pricing EACH
T069-E-ZBLADE90 E-Z 90° Replacement Blade (2 Required)$15.99
0 USD Qty Pricing EACH