180/600 Ceramic Grinding Stone

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  • Brand: Gransfors Bruks

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The Gransfors Ceramic Grinding Stone for sharpening axes is a man-made sharpening stone with two grinding faces: a course side (180 grit) for repairing damage and heavy wear, and a fine side (600 grit). 

The ceramic composite makes the stone both durable and strong. In contrast to natural sandstone, a ceramic grinding stone can be given a more precise grain size. Its shape is round and flat with a bevelled edge to prevent chipping. The fine side is 2/3 of the thickness, as this side is usually used and worn down the most. The stone is normally used with water but can be used dry. The stone comes in a protective rubber case. It is 2¼" in diameter and weights 6.5 oz. Made in Sweden.

For touch-up of minor imperfections and normal wear of your axe and to give the edge its original sharpness: Clean the axe before sharpening. If the edge is severely damaged, you may have to use a fine tooth file before sharpening. Take care to maintain the original bevel shape. Even a straight bevel face has to be a little convex at the edge. If you make the bevel of the bit too straight and thin it will deform or break. Normally the stone is used with water but can also be used dry. Use the stone in a circular motion, first with the coarse side, and then with the fine grit side. Rotate the stone in your hand so it will wear evenly. After use, clean the stone with water and let it dry. Do not leave stone in water.