• SKU: T026-HEADCUT75
  • Brand: Big Foot Saw

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The Headcutter clamps to any gas-powered chainsaw in seconds, transforming it into a giant vertical cutting jigsaw. It is laterally angularly adjustable from vertical through 45º or 75º from vertical. The wide, sturdy baseplate fully supports the weight of the saw through its angular range and provides stability for accurate freehand cuts.
With the Headcutter, you can easily follow a snapline or scribed arc, making it the perfect "framers" tool for gangcutting racked lumber or beams placed on edge, structural insulated roof panels, etc., beyond the reach of all common portable electric circular saws. An excellent solution to the need for a large diameter saw capable of reaching all the way through large dimension framing material stacked on edge and gangcut square or at a particular roof pitch or degree. Can also be used for cutting, GluLams, MircLams, T1-11's, Landscaping lumber, railroad ties, fence posts, etc.