HeadLok Panel Fasteners

Spider DriveHeadLok Panel FastenerThe HeadLok is a redesigned Panel Fastener, works great for structural insulated panels, stress skin/timber frame connections, prefabricated wall panel connections, and 2, 3, and 4 ply beam connections. The patent pending Spider™ drive system was developed for the HeadLok. The eight-lobed design offers Headlok the highest level of positive bit engagement and drivability allowing you to drive these screws in with your arm extended with no cam-out. Evaluation Report

  • HeadLok-PF
  • Brand: OMG
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H156-FMHL005-25 5" 250 Box$113.19
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H156-FMHL006-25 6" 250 Box$128.79
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H156-FMHL007-25 7" 250 Box$133.59
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H156-FMHL008-25 8" 250 Box$144.79
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H156-FMHL010-25 10" 250 Box$177.19
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H156-FMHL012-25 12" 250 Box$204.39
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H156-FMHL014-25 14" 250 Box$267.59
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