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LifeTime Wood Treatment PackageLifeTime Wood Treatment is a low maintenance environmentally friendly wood finish that gives a rustic, weathered look (see gallery). LifeTime Wood Treatment is for all outdoor wood. LifeTime Wood Treatment is nontoxic, environmentally friendly, and made from naturally occurring plants and minerals. LifeTime Wood Treatment comes in a powdered form making storage and shipping easy. LifeTime Wood Treatment goes on in one easy application by brush, dipping, roller, or spray. Initial color ranges from gray to light brown or olive brown, depending on the type of wood, but matures to a silver patina. Pigment obtained from your local hardware store may be added to give some color. (When using pigment, more maintenance will be required.) For water repellency, coat with Sansin Wood Sealer or WR-5 Clear. Not an EPA registered wood preservative. Made in Canada. Not Sure on Color? Request a Wet Sample!

Use LifeTime Wood Treatment For: "Barn Wood" Picture Frames • Bird Houses • Garden Timbers • Fences • Log Homes • Wood Sculptures.
 LifeTime Wood Treatment Q&A |  SDS

Application Temp: 32ºF+.
Coats: 1
Coverage: Approximately 160 sq. ft. per gal.
Method: Apply to bare, untreated or pressure treated wood. Apply solution with a brush, roller, sprayer, or by dipping. If using a sprayer, it must be completely dissolved in warm water before spraying and be sure to strain the solution before pouring into sprayer. Ensure that all wood surfaces have been completely covered by the product, especially end grains, fresh cuts, and open cracks. Some types of wood surfaces will show no immediate visible change in colour. This is completely normal. After exposure to sun and rain the treatment will react with the wood and gradually change colour to a rich silvery patina. Mix in a plastic pail, not metal. When applying, cover to protect aluminum and metal cladding and rain gutters.
Surface Prep: Wood should be clean, bare, untreated, or pressure treated. Do not use with borate products like PeneTreat or Tim-bor (may turn wood black). LifeTime will turn the heartwood of Redwood and Hemlock very dark, possibly black.
Drying Time: Dries to the touch in as little as 30 minutes. Color development can take days or weeks depending on environmental conditions.
Shelf Life: In its concentrated, dry form, LifeTime will store indefinitely.
Storage: After mixing with water, the solution keeps best in a sealed jar, and will last a very long time. With increased time, however, water may become stagnant unless distilled water is used to mix a batch. Because you can mix only what you need, the likelihood that you will have large amounts of LifeTime solution left over is minimized.
Cleanup: Soap and Water.

LifeTime Wood Treatment 20 gram bag:
Makes 1.2 US gal. (1 Imperial gal.)
LifeTime Wood Treatment 100 gram bag:
Makes 6 US gal. (5 Imperial gal.)
To mix by the gallon use 4 tsp per 1 gallon of water.

What some of our customers have to say about LifeTime Wood Treatment:

"LifeTime provided the desired, weathered appearance to our redwood deck, as a visual extension of the stonework on our home to boulders and creek below. Perfect choice!!"  − Vicki Z, Wyoming

"The aged look of old wood in seconds! With a swipe of a paint brush. Couldn't be more satisfied."  − Carol B, California

"After 3 years the wood is exactly the same as the day I put it on. You should see the house and fence. It is a very beautiful silver and brown color. I am very pleased with this product."  − Doug R, Idaho

Note: LifeTime Wood Treatment is exempt from PaintCare fees.
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