Log Builder Caulking 30 oz.

Log Builder Caulking applicationLog Builder Caulking is a log home caulking sealant with a limited lifetime warranty. Log Builder Caulking is designed to meet the demanding needs of the log home industry and is compatible with most construction materials. Log Builder is water resistant in 1-4 hours. Develops powerful adhesion, remains rubbery for many years (very resistant to weathering and ultraviolet light), and its water-based chemistry is environmentally friendly. Log Builder Caulking is an excellent sealant for weatherizing your log home. Recommended for use with Backer Rod. Made in the USA.

Application Temperature: 40°-120° F (surface temp.)
Soap and water.
Case Size:
10 tubes per case.
Log Builder Caulking - How Well Does it Stick?
Log Builder Caulking 29 oz colors
For a wider array of colors see Conceal Caulking

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C190-LB30DKBRN Dark Brown$14.84
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C190-LB30TN-Case Tan Case$148.40
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C190-LB30WDTE Woodtone$14.84
C190-LB30WDTE-Case Woodtone Case$148.40
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