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LogHog Screws

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LogHog. The name says it all. LogHog screws are heavy duty log home screw fasteners designed to be safer, faster, and easier to use than most traditional log screw fasteners. LogHog screws are rapidly gaining popularity among log building companies as the ultimate heavy duty log home screw fastener because of its ease of use and its ability to pull and hold logs into position. The LogHog screw has a patented head style that countersinks during installation. No pre-drilling required. Gimlet point for fast drilling. Guaranteed by the manufacture not to disintegrate in the new pressure treated lumber. (The new pressure treatment contains a higher amount of copper which affects metal.) Sold by the box. Made in the USA.  Evaluation Report |  LogHog Technical Data |  SDS


The LogHog Screw is ideal for:

  • Applications which require additional pull down power
  • Next to log corners, windows, doors, and in top plate logs for added strength
  • Use LogHogs for log buildings in earthquake zones, and in high mountain areas where there is increased lateral shear due to high wind
  • Warped and twisted logs
  • Oversized logs
  • Extremely wet or soft logs

LogHog Screw Product Features

  • Oversized washer head and increased thread combine for dramatically increased pull down for warped and twisted logs.
  • Installs much faster and easier than lags and spikes - Saves time and fatigue - Dramatically lowers installed cost
  • Requires no predrilling - Eliminates on-site predrilling - Eliminates manufacturing drill stations
  • Countersinks into log - Allows log to settle naturally
  • Removable and reusable
  • Eliminates jarring and damage caused by a sledge hammer
  • Engineered for increased strength and performance
  • Corrosion resistance guaranteed. ACQ Approved

LogHog Screw Product Benefits

  • No predrilling
  • Self countersinking headstyle
  • Increased draw down power for warped logs
  • Increased holding power
  • Removable, just back it out with a drill
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No jarring or sledge hammer damage
  • Greatly reduced labor time
  • 100% American Made

LogHog Screw Installation Instructions

  • Use a 1/2", high torque, low RPM drill
  • Install LogHog screw perpendicular to the log
  • Countersink the LogHog screw a minimum of 1/4"

LogHog Screw Physical Data

  • Available lengths: 2.5" - 16"
  • Head Style: 5/16" Hex Head
  • Thread Diameter: 0.32
  • Shank Diameter: 0.229
  • LogHog
  • Brand: OMG
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H156-LOGHOG12 12" 250 Box$299.69
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H156-LOGHOG13-10 13" 10 pk$16.82
H156-LOGHOG13 13" 250 Box$329.39
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H156-LOGHOG15 15" 150 Box$229.49
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