M-Balm Liquid Wood Epoxy

M-Balm Liquid Wood Epoxy

M-Balm is a liquid wood epoxy that penetrates deeply into porous, deteriorated, dried-out or spongy wood, curing and hardening into a strong, water-resistant mass that includes both the original wood fibers and the epoxy mixture.
M-Balm is a two-component liquid epoxy. The more M-Balm used, the stronger the restored wood member becomes. It consolidates the decayed area in preparation for use with E-Wood. M-Balm should always be used in preparation for filling pockets of decayed wood with E-Wood epoxy putty. M-Balm cannot be diluted. Each component (Part A & B) is formulated to chemically react based on the defined mix ratios that are found on the label. M-Balm and E-wood should not be blended together. Doing this will impact the designed performance of the end product.  MSDS

  1. Mix two parts M-Balm epoxy with one part hardener.
  2. Mix only what can be applied in 30 minutes.
  3. Apply to affected area with applicator squeeze bottle.
  4. Repeat if necessary.
  5. In extreme cases, drill holes into the decayed wood and pour liberally into the affected area. 

Tip: M-Balm does NOT have to be cured before applying E-Wood. Epoxies do not “dry” in the sense that they must be in contact with air. They rely on chemical reactions to harden and cure so M-Balm will harden just as rapidly under E- Wood as it will if left exposed. In fact, applying E-Wood before the M-Balm cures results in an even stronger bond to the wood.

Application Temp: 40-90 F.
Depends on wood porosity.
Uncured mixed M-Balm (Part A and Part B) may be cleaned up with white vinegar then flushed with water.
Drying Time:
12 to 24 hours. Cures slower in low temps. (Never change mixing rates to compensate for temperature.)

Cannot Ship USPS Safety: Always wear protective disposable gloves when using this product. Avoid skin contact. Skin sensitization may result from prolonged and repeated contact. If use causes soreness, redness, blistering, or other symptoms of irritation, stop use and see a physician immediately. Use with adequate ventilation. If eye contact occurs,flush with large quantities of water and contact a physician immediately. Do not use around open flame. If Part A is swallowed, induce vomiting. If Part B is swallowed, Do Not induce vomiting. Keep out of reach of children.

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