Mackie Scriber

Mackie Scriber
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  • Brand: Magard Ventures LTD

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This scriber was designed by B. Allan Mackie, world renown log builder, instructor, and lecturer. The Mackie Scriber has many features which adapt it specifically as a log building scriber. The main body is constructed of aluminum, the point and axis rod of stainless steel, and the nuts and bolts of brass. These metals feature durability, sturdiness and resistance to corrosion. Other features are capability of using full length pencil and steel point at either straight or 24° angles and dual vial bubbles. These bubbles are visible from top, side and bottom for an overhead, eye-level or low scribe. A cut-out on one side of the rotating level unit allows it to be functional for left or right handed scribing as well as vertical and horizontal scribing. All these features make this a premium quality log scriber with many benefits for the log builder. If using with Lumocolor Pens, order separate collet.