Gransfors Bruks Small Hatchet 10"

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Gransfors Bruks Small Hatchet or Mini Belt Hatchet is as Cliff Jacobson, Tactical Knives Magazine writes: "It will fillet a fish, skin a moose, ... pound tent stakes and chop vegetables. And it will ride as lightly on your hip as the average hunting knife." Weights 11.03 ounces and 10" in length. The roots of the Gransfors Small Hatchet go back many thousand years. In the old days in Europe it was common to carry a belt axe which could be used as a knife and an axe, a valuable tool and a weapon. A nice belt axe was also a symbol of status. In the 16th and 17th century, the French began trading axes with the American Indians. The small Belt Axe, light and narrow, become the "trade axe" and was transformed into the tomahawk. But the Gransfors Small Hatchet is neither a tomahawk nor a scaled down axe. It is a functional design by Lennart Pettersson. It is hand forged of high carbon Swedish steel and tempered at the bit to a hardness of 57 Rockwell C. To forge a small axe with the hole in the head requires great craftsman skill. Made in Sweden.

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